We had a fantastic day shooting an engagement session for Kellan and Curry at Bok Tower Gardens in Lake Wales, Florida. These two were clearly full of love for each other and for Kellan’s Golden Retriever, Kinner. Kellan and Curry chose to do their engagement session at Bok Tower because of the gorgeous scenery and the ability to include Kinner, their other true love, in some of the photos. It was a wonderful experience getting to know them and hear their love story. Here are some of our favorite photos, and some of our favorite facts about Kellan & Curry!

Kellan and Curry’s love story began at Lake Eola. On that fateful day, Kellan was walking her then 2-month-old Golden Retriever puppy, Kinner. Curry was out for a jog. They happened to cross paths, and Curry asked if he could pet her dog. The two got to talking, Curry asked if she would like to go on a date with him, and the rest was history! Of course, Curry also says he’s pretty sure that she fainted when he saw him. The jury is still out on that one.

The story continued with Curry’s proposal - it was, unfortunately, a dark and stormy night. While Curry’s plan had been to propose at the beach at sunset in Fort Lauderdale, Curry found himself confronted with two major flaws in the plan. First of all, Florida had decided that it would rain that night. Secondly, the beach in Fort Lauderdale faced east - away from the sunset. Despite these mishaps, Curry realized what was really important about the proposal, and asked the biggest question of his life: could he be Kinner’s dad? Happily for the three of them, Kellan said yes!

Kellan and Curry chose to hold their wedding at Venue 1902 in Sanford, Florida. They chose the space because for a few reasons: they had met the owners and loved them; they really enjoyed the aesthetic of a converted schoolhouse; and the venue is close to where Kellan grew up in Oviedo. An additional bonus was the ability to have their ceremony and reception in the same location, which makes the day a lot more convenient for both wedding party and guests!

Our happy couple are most excited for the wedding because afterwards, they’ll finally be living together in the same city! They’ve been doing long-distance for almost two years, and after all that time apart, they are so ready to see each other every day. The two will be living in Denver, Colorado, and once they’re married, these two are really excited to snowboard, travel, and go on adventures together as newlyweds.

Congratulations and best of luck to Kellan and Curry! Thank you for letting us be a part of your engagement session; it was a joy to see how much love and excitement you have for each and for the future! We at Lilly & Lilly Photography wish you the absolute best as you begin this next adventure together.