It was our pleasure to join Matt & Ariana for their engagement photo session in Winter Garden, Florida. We met in the area surrounding Matt’s parent’s home, and upon exploring, found a variety of beautiful locations. The happy couple chose this lovely natural setting as it was where Matt had taken Ariana on their first date. Both were full of smiles and laughter throughout the session, and their love and devotion for each other is reflected in their touching photos below.

We began in the forest in his parent’s front yard and made our way to a neighboring orange grove, seeking out beautiful spots with excellent lighting. As we explored, Ariana and Matt recounted their relationship: how they had met on Cinco de Mayo through Ariana’s brother, how they considered each other their best friend, and how Matt had proposed on the top of Machu Picchu while traveling together. When we asked Matt how he knew that she was the one, he replied that he wasn’t sure, but he just knew that he couldn’t live life without Ariana.

We made our way out of the grove and out to the open road, which is where we learned about what the two enjoyed doing together. When not working as an engineer and therapeutic assistant (respectively), Matt and Ariana enjoy a variety of adventurous hobbies together, from outdoor excursions like going to the beach and hiking, to staying in for nights of cooking and watching movies, to foodie experiences such as finding new brunch spots, to, of course, traveling. Their love for travel was apparent when we asked them what excited them most about their upcoming married life, and they responded that they were most excited for their honeymoon and travels together.

Our next destination was a mostly open field, with a fence and a few trees covered in cascading Spanish Moss. We asked Matt and Ariana to sum each other up in one word. Matt’s word for Ariana, ever sweet, was “Stunning”. Ariana’s word for Matt, ever accurate, was “Goofy”. But both admitted that much of their relationship revolved around their sense of humor and silliness. We couldn’t help but agree, as we saw how much they make each other laugh. Matt and Ariana describe themselves as each other’s best friend, with a strong relationship, having been there for each other throughout the many ups and downs of life. And if that doesn’t describe the foundation of a great marriage, we don’t know what does.

For our final stop, we explored a wheat field, and Matt and Ariana’s personalities took over. From Matt picking Ariana up and spinning her around, to an impromptu piggy back ride, the couple was full of fun and silly poses. Matt and Ariana told us how they had chosen Pavone Events as their wedding planner, and the gorgeous Luxmore Grande Estate as their wedding venue, as they loved how elegant it was. But when it comes down to it, the thing that they’re looking most forward to at their wedding is celebrating their love with all of their family and friends. In the end, the most important thing is love for these two, and we were honored to be a part of sharing their love with the world.

Thank you Matt and Ariana for letting us join you for such a fun day of engagement photos, and we look forward to seeing the fun, excitement, and love you bring to your upcoming wedding! Congratulations, and best wishes to you both.