We had a wonderful time getting to know Christine and Caleb as we did their engagement session on Park Ave in Winter Park, Florida. They chose this area due to the variety of locations available, and we were happy to find many different spots for very different photographs. Their love story is as charming as they are and we’d love to share it with you along with their engagement shoot, both showing just what a unique, fun, and loving couple these two are.

We began our photo shoot at Casa Feliz Historic Home Museum. Christine shared with us how she and Caleb met at church through a friend. Upon this first meeting, they goofed around and sang 80s songs loudly at each other. While they thought it would just be a one-time meeting, they ended up running into each other again 6 months later at a different church. Without recognizing each other, they once again connected, sharing their mutual love of musicals and many nerdy interests.

As their love continued to blossom, Christine found that Caleb pursued her with creativity, a trait that struck her as unique and intriguing. She could tell early on that he was different from everyone else. The more they got to know each other, it became more and more clear that they had a relationship composed of great care, love, and of course, lots of laughter.

As we continued our stroll down Park Ave, Caleb shared how he had planned and attempted several surprise proposals, all of which were romantic, but unfortunately fell through or were ruined as a surprise at the last moment. At last, on a trip to Leu Gardens during Labor Day weekend, a sudden rain shower appeared, and Caleb pulled Christine underneath a trellis and proposed. Christine’s response was a perfect combination of both surprised and unsurprised: “Oh we’re doing this now? Sure!”

Christine describes herself and Caleb as complementary partners. Caleb is the passionate one, enthusiastic and ready to put 100% of himself into living his best life. Christine is the more logical and cool-headed one, with a chaotic creative sense that sometimes needs keeping in check. They support one another in pursuing their passion and dreams, but remind each other constantly of what truly matters.

For work, Caleb and Christine each have jobs that show where their passions lie: Caleb is an audio engineer and Christine works at an animal hospital. In their free time you see even more of what the two are passionate about: trying out new cuisines and restaurants, seeing plays, doing DIY furniture projects, and curling up on the couch together to watch a good Sci-Fi or fantasy series on Netflix.

Our next stop was the beautiful campus of Rollins College, where we discussed the upcoming wedding. Christine and Caleb chose for their wedding venue Wilson’s Landing Park in Sanford, as Christine has always wanted an outdoor wedding. Wilson’s Landing featured what they were looking for in a romantic Southern charm-type look, with moss hanging down from beautiful oak trees. It also has a nice breeze, due to its proximity to Wekiva Basin. Christine expressed that the thing she is most excited about for her wedding is seeing all of their projects come together. With lots of friends and family contributing their labors of love, Christine can’t wait to see all those bits and pieces actualized in the grand scheme of the wedding.

Beyond the wedding, Christine and Caleb are looking forward to their new life together. They are most excited to travel and continue to experience new adventures together. Their love for one another and for life shine through all that they do, and we hope that you were able to get a glimpse of that in this photo shoot. Our final stop is shown below, at the Dinky Dock.

Much thanks to Christine and Caleb for inviting us to be a part of this beautiful day, and a part of sharing their beautiful relationship with the world. Congratulations and best of luck to you both, we have no doubt that your wedding will be just as charming as you!