Hey, I'm David! I am a husband. I am all around handy-man. I am a wanna be farmer. I am a tiny house dweller. I believe that photos should be seen everyday, not just stored on your hard drive.

Athena and I have been married since 2010. We first met at a mutual friend's lunch. I was sitting right next to her, but if you ask her, she won't remember me there. Her roommate invited everyone over to their apartment the next day for the Jaguars (Athena's favorite team) vs Steeler's.  Naturally I, not knowing either of them that well, invited myself to the party. We have been inseparable ever since!

In 2014, we decided to build a tiny house. We designed it, ordered the trailer and scavenged ReHome Stores for used building supplies. My father and a few friends were the only ones that touched it during construction. In March, we sold our big house and moved into our tiny house. It's not finished yet, but we love it! You can check out our Facebook page, Livin' ittle to stay up to date on that.

We have a crazy cat named Abbie, two crazy American Bull Dogs named Paris and London and an egg farm in the making.